Dehydrated Pink Onion

  1. Dehydrated Pink Onion Chopped

    Dehydrated Pink Onion Chopped is known to have a low content of pyruvic acid but high brix of 13. It holds its color, flavor, & aroma while cooking and also enhances the taste of food item to which it is added. This chopped onion is rich in cancer fighting nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamin C content. It can be also be used in the preparation of fast foods and different cuisines including Chinese, South Indian, and continental.
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  2. Dehydrated Pink Onion Granules

    Dehydrated Pink Onion Granules are used in preparation of soups, stews, curries, and noodle masala. They are grinded using latest equipment under complete hygienic environments by adroit professionals. These granules are known to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. They can also be utilized as an ingredient in readymade pickles which imparts completely fresh flavor & aroma. These onion granules are completely free from any foreign material and chemicals.
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  3. Dehydrated Pink Onion Minced

    Dehydrated Pink Onion Minced is prepared by a series of processes which includes selection, cleaning, automatic mincing and controlled multi-step dehydration to leave only about 8% of moisture content. It is utilized by restaurants, hotels, fast food joints, and street hawkers as well. This dehydrated onion is highly appreciated for its excellent taste, soothing aroma, and flavor. It is available in vacuum sealed pack to assure its durability and freshness. 
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  4. Dehydrated Pink Onion Powder

    Dehydrated Pink Onion Powder is highly admired for its numerous medicinal properties including the ability to reverse graying of hair, promoting the growth of hair follicles and improving blood circulation to head. It can be separately used in preparation of various cuisines and can also be utilized as an ingredient in the manufacturing of other vegetable specific spices. This powder is made by pulverizing the dehydrated pink onion in an automatic machine to get firm and uniform grain size end product.
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  5. Dehydrated Pink Onion Flakes

    Dehydrated Pink Onion Flakes has a moisture content range of around 5-8% which is necessary to retain their nutritional characteristics. They are widely used in the preparation of readymade spices, pizza, burgers, and rolls. These flakes are made from onions. They are dehydrated under controlled temperature conditions to prevent their degradation. These onions are cholesterol, sodium, & fat-free in nature and also have high fiber content.
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